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Saturday 08 July 2017

The contract will be open from 9 am

with the exhibitors, the folkloric group

and entertainment throughout the day

At noon

"Market Menu" 15 €

including 1 € for the virades of hope

Gaspacho of tomatoes of Jeannine,

Clafoutis with goat cheese, eggplant and Basil of Anaïs


Pork roast cooked with almonds of Jonquières,

Mustard and honey sauce

Tian of Anaïs Vegetables in Olive Oil


Jeannine's apricots and Jonquières almonds

Piolenc honey caramel and ice cream


0.50cl pitcher white, rosé or red 8 €

Mineral water: 5 € (1L)


The evening

 «Diner with perfumes of Provence»

29 €

«Diner with perfumes of Provence»

Pigeon medallion of the Colombier du Comtat with foie gras,

vinegar reduced to the saffron of Pierre, honey of Piolenc and almonds of Jonquieres


Tartlet goat, tomatoes of Anaïs and cébettes of Jeannine,

Jacques Baldi Summer Truffle Salad


Jeannine's Pesto Freshness,

Crispy Vegetable with Enclave Snails

Olive oil, tomatoes and herbs


Tony's Crispy Lamb Confit

Cooking with honey of Piolenc, almonds of Jonquieres and saffron of Sarrians,

Cream of fresh garlic from Jonquières

Ratatouille with Anaïs Vegetables and Potato Flan of Jeannine


Fresh melon soup of Anaïs infused with the saffron of Pierre Liagre in Sarrians,

Crispy almonds and honey


The Menus are prepared from the market products to give you 

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